Shipping and transportation law represent the firm’s principle sphere of activity and particular areas of expertise include:

Arbitration – Arrest and seizure – International disputes;
– P&I – Ship and cargo insurance;
– Charter and bare-boat charter parties for both ships and yachts;
– Carriage of goods – bills of lading;
– General average and total loss;
– Assistance and salvage, towage, wreck removal and recovery;
– Collisions, fire and explosions, grounding, pollution and environmental damage;
– Ship construction and finance – Leasing;
– Sale/purchase contracts of ships/yachts;
– Public land and coastal areas – grants and licenses;
– Ports and pleasure-boat harbours;
– Concessioni demaniali marittime;
– Porti e Approdi turistici – Diporto;
– Customs disputes;

Keeping abreast of the times, the firm has extended its activities to include business law and is able to supply assistance and advice in commercial, company and finance law.